Why do I need to enter billing information if I am checking out as a guest?

Every customer either needs to create a Customer Account (this is new to C&V as of December 2013) or check-out as a Guest; both require billing information. Taking a few seconds to create an account allows us to serve you better. With this account you can view your purchase history, receive detailed invoices, and get faster replies to support questions. This process also ensures that we all have a nice, little paper trail associated with the fact that you've given us money and we've given you stuff; it's just good business... we hope you agree.

In addition to that, we are required to comply with our eCommerce service provider Shopify, which requires a postal address for all transactions, regardless of whether the items are delivered digitally or physically.

NOTE: Craft & Vision does not store your payment information. Your contact details will not be shared with anyone, ever, for any reason whatsoever, that is our promise to you.

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