What happened to the Affiliate Program?

We’re very proud to have launched an entirely new C&V website. This change reflects a major shift in our infrastructure as well as in our marketing efforts. We have migrated away from e-Junkie which was doing all the heavy lifting in the background. Sadly, it wasn't lifting with the legs and it's put its back out too many times, leaving us to deal with glitches and its particular quirks. It became apparent we were asking it to lift too much so the new site will be run through Shopify and it's a really great platform. The whole customer experience will be better, but it comes with some changes.

The biggest change is that our affiliate program, which we've been dialing down over the past few months, has finally died a dignified death and effective today we'll move on without it. We apologize for the abruptness of this inconvenience but it’s the nature of the beast when it comes to launching a new site that is not tied to the e-Junkie program. Commissions earned between December 1 and December 11, 2013 will be paid out on January 7, 2014. We're considering options and may return to an affiliate program, but if we do so we want to do it well, and do it right, so we're taking our time. For the indefinite future Craft & Vision will have no affiliate program.

Please know that we still very much appreciate quality reviews, endorsements, and promotional support and we are still here to partner with those of you who have been supporting us. If you feel that any of our products would be a good fit with your niche audience and you feel a free review copy, or a special marketing arrangement is warranted, send us an email and we will review your request. There's more than one way to sell digital goods and get a piece of the action.

Thank you for so passionately promoting Craft & Vision. We wish you continued success as you share your love for photography with the digital world.

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