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    Greetings support. When I activated my new iPad i was not able to receive my PDF books from C&V. Could you send me the links to those? Many thanks, Eric

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    Cathy Chan

    Hi Eric, Thanks for your question. We'll send you an email shortly.

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    I have been a customer for years. One continuingly irksome issue in dealing with Craft and Vision's download process. With one of my last purchases I contacted your customer service person, Sarah-Wynne Taylor. Zipfiles and Dropbox are alien to me and it becomes so timely anytime I might want to view one of the MANY programs I've purchased from you–or even remembering which programs I HAVE purchased. I lose interest in bothering viewing the programs–or even remembering what I've purchased. I'm not even certain I have all the programs I've bought. They may be on my computer SOMEWHERE, but WHERE is a mystery. Perhaps I am your only customer with this as an issue, my computer skills are extremely limited. Perhaps others simply stop purchasing from you and you never hear about it.

    I have recently been buying programs from Creative Live over the last year and with a simple page they have dedicated to keep track of all my materials from them, they are easy to work with. And I download other materials from other sources and there is no one out there that has given me as much grief as trying to take advantage of your offers, your latest being the book/video, The Photographic Story. I was considering purchasing, but as I said in my last communication to Ms. Taylor I was considering stopping C&V purchases because of the difficulty I have with downloads. It's come time to say good-bye. I'll delete my subscription for future notices. I'd rather not see the materials I'll be missing out on.

    (Please don't send a "Sorry you're leaving us note." That message always rings a bit hollow, as sincere as it might be meant.)

    Good luck to you all. 

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